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Press Clippings

“MESSMAKER cakewalk along defined genre lines… an anthemic draft of fresh, bright, clairvoyant air.”

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- James Buckey, Music Crowns

“Known for their captivating live performances and expansive artistry, MESSMAKER craft songs that come straight from their heart to find a home in ours carried by big, bright indie rock sonics.”

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“Easily one of my favorite acts ever to see live!”

- George Chase Jr., Jestertainment Media

“The choruses are more often than not so damn catchy and memorable. Michael is a fantastic vocalist, not only impressing with a great voice but also bringing forth a tonne of personality… a total colourful blast of infectious proportions.”

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- Small Music Scene

“A true visionary and observationalist, Michael lays himself wide open and vulnerable through every track [of Through This Fire]… a masterpiece.”

- Stargazer Music Magazine

“Through This Fire captures the resilience of the creative spirit with lyrics that embody the desire to not only push forward despite crushing adversity, but also to bend that adversity to one’s will.”

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- Collette Josef, MusicExistence

“Cleveland Native Michael McFarland is a Musical Architect”

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- Bill Smith, The Rock Office

“The percussion is precise and powerful, as well as the vocals… he knows how to use musical dynamics and silences in order to emphasize a specific part of the song.”

- Edrick Ziegler, NevermindMX

“Michael McFarland is a musician invested in wasting none of the tape on which he’s allowed to record. He sells the audience the verse, then sells them a chorus, then they get their checkbooks out. All of this while gliding through carefully calibrated vocal melodies. He’s already as good as many of his retro-rock influences.”

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- Eduard Banulescu, Alt77

“Michael’s songwriting is frank, expressive and clever, and his performances easily elevate the material with a consistent level of energy and an innate understanding of on-stage dynamic for the live renditions of his tracks.”

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- Shane Hunt,

“McFarland’s voice is clear and pleasant, slipping on a couple of occasions into as seamless a falsetto as I’ve ever heard”

- Brendon Shumate,