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Press Clippings

“Looping multiple vocal parts to create gorgeous, lush harmonies… The room filled with smiles in a fleeting magical moment”

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- Joshua Finch, Exiled In Eugene

“Michael’s songwriting is frank, expressive and clever, and his performances easily elevate the material with a consistent level of energy and an innate understanding of on-stage dynamic for the live renditions of his tracks.”

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- Shane Hunt,

“McFarland’s voice is clear and pleasant, slipping on a couple of occasions into as seamless a falsetto as I’ve ever heard”

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- Brendon Shumate,

“A talented songwriter, telling wonderfully vivid tales over a sensitive, stripped-down yet lively acoustic sound…”

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- Kristi LaMont, Arenas Promotions

“McFarland is sure to make waves with his first EP, ‘Made a Mess.'”

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- Aaron Fowler, Buzzbin Magazine

“A Failed Breakup displays McFarland’s multiple dimensions of talent”

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- Stephen Boyd,